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Had those natural links or the content been a problem then Google would have notified the site owner via the Google Search Console. Nevertheless, the site owner disavowed old inbound links that dated from before he registered the domain name.

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Yet for all that effort, the site still did not rank. Many clients who are unable to rank tend to believe there is nothing wrong with their content or links. The way to check the past history of a domain name is to visit Archive. I checked Archive. It became evident that the domain was linking to adult sites prior to Then, around mid the domain appears to have switched its monetization strategy away from linking to adult sites to displaying Google ads.

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It resembled a parked domain. A parked domain is a domain that does not have a website on it.

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It just has ads. People used to type domain names into the address field to visit sites like Girlfriend.

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This is called Direct Navigation. Based on the evidence, which I will further elaborate on below, I will offer my opinion on what the problem is. John Mueller did not offer an opinion on what may be happening, presumably because he was being circumspect. It is my opinion, based on my experience, that some domains have in the distant past received a kind of penalty that remains with the domain even after the sites were removed and the registration passed to someone else.

The fact that Girlfriend. This could, in my opinion, be a factor that caused Google to more or less blacklist Girlfriend. A similar issue happened a few years ago to ZDNet. One of their domains was hyphenated CXO-Talk.

Style Girlfriend | Guys' Style, from a Girl's Perspective

So they purchased the non-hyphenated variant CXOTalk. ZDNet was unaware that the domain had been used by spammers. The content on the CXOTalk. So, once they were done using it and spamming the heck out of it , the owners of CXOTalk.

How Girlfriend Collective Got a Leg-up On Their Competition By Giving Away Free Leggings

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