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Install and Set Up Nokia Lumia Spyware After the purchase is completed you need to download our Nokia tracking application and install it onto the target Lumia device. Nokia Spy Software installation is so simple and intuitive that you can complete it in several minutes. Start Tracking Nokia Lumia phone Simply log in to your Control Panel and our Lumia tracker will start tracking text messages, call history, GPS location details, and any other activity taking place on the target device.

Our Nokia tracking app will capture the information on every activity of your target phone user. First of all, I like that app is invisible, like an actual spy.

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Even my kids cannot detect it, and they know their tools inside out. Not bad for their fossil daddy, yeah?

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And a couple of dollars saved, thanks! You also have the options to automatically save your photos to SkyDrive and receive notifications when Spy Hunter is triggered.

Spy Hunter has a friendly user interface and not a bad option to consider if you need to find out who keeps messing with your Windows Phone. However, it is not exactly fool proof.

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Otherwise, you can tap the settings control button to view the full settings menu that covers:. To set Spy Hunter, simply launch the app and lock your Windows Phone from the app. A false screen will greet whoever turns on your Windows Phone and the hidden capture will launch. To review the images of the spy, just tap on the gallery control button.

The free version will only save one set of images to the gallery.

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You can increase the gallery storage to ten sets through an in-app purchase or by getting the full version. For the most part, Spy Hunter performs as advertised. However, if you have lockscreen password set on your Windows Phone Spy Hunter will not override this protection which makes sense and the photo capture can be disabled by tapping the Windows button as soon as the false screen appears. The alarm is a nice touch and may scare someone off but you will need to remember to crank up the volume on your Windows Phone for it to have any effect.

While Spy Hunter has plenty of features, the lockscreen password may be the best option to keep prying eyes from snooping through your Windows Phone while it is unattended. The thief becomes curious, taps a trap tile and his image is sent to your Twitter or SkyDrive account.

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Mobistealth spy app includes all of the latest monitoring features and it will stay hidden on the monitored phone so your kids can't tamper it. Download Spy Software on any Windows based phone of Microsoft today and take back your peace of mind.

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Sign-Up Now After selecting the pricing plan that best suits your needs and making payment, your order will be processed immediately and you will be directed to the next step. Set-Up Account In this step, you will need to set-up a Lumia spy software account that you can log into and gain access to the information being tracked by our Microsoft spy software.

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Download and Install Once your account is set-up, you will be provided with access to our spy software that you can then download to your target Lumia smartphone. According to researchers, gut instinct is the most common clue of infidelity.

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